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Environmental Hazards Course

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The Environmental Hazards Course has been approved for 7 Credit Hours. 

Environmental hazards like asbestos, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, lead, and radon are outside the scope of a typical home inspection. However, many homebuyers and homeowners are concerned about these dangerous and sometimes life threatening hazardous materials existing in their homes.

This course is an introduction to environmental hazards as they relate to the housing and construction industry. Each lesson identifies a specific hazard, how to recognize it, how people become exposed to it, how to test for it, and ways to mitigate the problem. After completing the course, you will be more aware of the environmental risks that exist and how to protect yourself and others. You will also learn if a license or certification is required to conduct professional testing or abatement services for clients.

Continuing Education Approvals

Environmental Hazards can be used for continuing education credits in Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, West Virginia, New Jersey, Florida, South Dakota, & Oregon

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